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An LPG GENERATOR: the building contractors’ ally

Working on a building site, as is known, can be exhausting. Sometimes, however, choosing the most suitable and safest source of energy can be as hard a challenge as the building work itself. On all types of building site, whether they be in busy urban areas or in the middle of nowhere, you need a reliable, continuous, safe source of energy. The choice that is usually made to meet the specific needs of a building site is a generator, which can be run on traditional fuels (gasoline or diesel) or alternative fuels, such as LPG.

The generators used on building sites should have particular features so that they may be adapted to the needs of building workers. LPG generators meet all these special requirements, which are listed in detail below:

  • Easy to transport: Generators must be portable and easy to transport, since your workers will need to move them from one place to another depending on the equipment that needs powering.
  • Reliable and easy to use: Downtimes should definitely be avoided during the working day, since they can delay delivery times. Having a reliable, continuous source of power that can be easily used by all workers is essential. LPG generators with electric ignition and user-friendly control panels (controls that allow immediate, simple use of the equipment) definitely meet this requirement. A tell-tale mark of the quality and reliability of a generator is the robustness and resilience of the materials used to built it.
  • Silence: When building sites are located in areas where there are noise restrictions, it is absolutely essential for the means used to supply energy to be silent. The use of LPG as a fuel reduces the noise emitted by generator engines.
  • Respect for the environment: In a world that is increasingly attentive towards care and protection of the environment, the choice of an ecological fuel with low emissions, such as LPG, may make your company even more competitive. Moreover, LPG is not toxic to the environment since it leaves no traces in water or in the soil.
  • High engine performance: Generator engines should ensure high quality operation and above all should be able to get the most from the characteristics of the fuel used.

The last item on our list leads us to go even more deeply into the advantages LPG generators have on building sites over generators that use traditional fuels. Firstly, LPG engines require less maintenance and are more durable than gasoline or diesel engines. Moreover, LPG is without doubt a  energy source and is less affected by price volatility than traditional fuels. These facts allow site managers to cut costs and have a positive impact on final profit margins. Since they are fuelled with cylinders, those already found on the site for other purposes (welding for example) may be used, therefore increasing site efficiency, and preventing fuel waste and the time lost filling fuel tanks.

To be sure to purchase an LPG generator that is suitable for your needs, you must first of all look at what equipment and tools it will be used to power and check the recommended model using a simple calculation.

If you want to find out which model is right for you, follow the instructions on this page https://www.greengearglobal.com/generator-sizing/ and discover more about the world of GREENGEAR® LPG generators.