About Greengear

Our mission is to make outdoor living simple and the air we breathe cleaner with LPG/propane powered equipment.

Greengear Global

Greengear is a brand within in the Cavagna Group that specifically deals with the manufacturing, marketing and promotion of Greengear-branded products and ENERKIT technologies. Thanks to technology that highlights the benefits (in terms of efficiency, cost-effectiveness and sustainability) of using propane in a wide range of equipment and combustion engines, Greengear has positioned itself on the market with a strong focus on innovation and “smart” projects, as well as a continued commitment to the “green revolution”. In addition to offering business-to-business solutions, Greengear products also cater to professional users and end consumers.

Though its marketing approaches are diverse, the aim of Greengear's products remains the same: to get the results of its engineering research on the market in the easiest and most practical way possible. Part of this commitment is the use of the industry’s best technological advances. That is how the 'Enerkit' was developed, the innovative technology used to power Greengear engines. This is a direct result of its fruitful partnership with the Cavagna Group, the world's leading manufacturer of equipment and components for compressed gas control.

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