Why Use LPG?

Environmental Benefits


LPG/Propane is eco-friendly because it reduces exhaust emissions.

Greenhouse Gas Reduction

Unlike petrol-fueled internal combustion engines, LPG engines use a clean-burning fuel which reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

Noise Reduction

LPG fuel reduces engine noise, which means less stress for the users and their neighbors…

Less Toxicity

LPG/Propane is non-toxic to ground water and soil.

Consumer Benefits

Significant Fuel Savings

Using LPG reduces costs significantly: savings are in the order of at least 40% compared to petrol.

Full Performance, Less Maintenance

LPG-fueled engines retain their performance fully and require less maintenance than traditional petrol engines. This means less cleaning and upkeep.

Increased Engine Life

LPG means less strain on the engine, which creates the best conditions to prevent excessive wear and mechanical problems.

Utmost Versatility

LPG is always available and ideal for loads of uses in the garden, at home, at work, on the streets…