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February 17, 2020
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Hospital Project for Brazil to fight against Covid-19
June 4, 2020

Greengear LPG Water Pumps are the preferred choice for a UN project in Uzbekistan

UN workers have chosen Greengear’s LPG-fueled water pumps as part of a project to outfit farming communities in Uzbekistan with basic equipment to cope with the frequent, devastating droughts that occur in those areas. This is even further proof of the validity of Greengear technologies, which successfully combine functionality with sustainability—truly the ideal equipment to have in critical/emergency situations, especially in rural areas.

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) is the most important source of multilateral aid for sustainable human development.

greengear - un - water pumps
greengear - un - uzbekistan - water pumps

In the case of Uzbekistan, the UN is seeking to improve the living conditions of vulnerable communities that are victims of these extreme weather events. The goals are to enhance basic services (such as water and food security), manage natural resources, protect the environment and ensure the livelihoods of pastoral communities. The decision to use Greengear LPG water pumps was made as part of this initiative. The main advantage of using LPG generators and pumps is without a doubt their low exhaust emissions compared to traditional fuels like gasoline and diesel. They also require significantly less refueling. Furthermore, LPG is easily transported and distributed on a wide scale because it can be stored in individual cylinders of all sizes—and these cylinders can themselves be stored and used almost anywhere.