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November 21, 2018
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Greengear workshop in Vietnam

Cavagna Vietnam Co., Ltd. organized a special event in Hanoi this past August to present the enormous potential of propane-powered Greengear products. Special focus was placed on power generators and water pumps, which are undoubtedly useful given the country’s socioeconomic situation.

greengear - workshop

A workshop entirely dedicated to Greengear was organized at the Sheraton Hotel in Hanoi this past August 24th. The event brought together potential distributors and resellers of Greengear products from various parts of Vietnam, all of whom know the propane market extremely well. These companies have strong, long-standing ties to their respective regions, making them ideal partners who would be capable of maintaining a constant, far-reaching dialogue with the end users of Greengear products.

The event was especially valuable for the staff at Cavagna Vietnam Co., Ltd., as they were able to build bridges with companies that might become “official Greengear distributors” in Vietnam’s various provinces. Whether it is in the day-to-day work of farms or in dealing with hydrogeological emergencies, few countries are as keen as Vietnam to develop products that can meet its widespread need for independent electricity production and better water management in a way that is both competitive and sustainable.

generator - greengear

Lending even more prominence to the event was the presence of Mr. Tran Minh Loan, Vice Chairman of the Vietnam Gas Association, who stated: “I would like to thank the Cavagna Group for bringing such an interesting technological solution to the Vietnamese market: not only is it practical, it is also environmentally sustainable.” Mr. Thomas Jang, General Director of Cavagna Vietnam Co. Ltd., emphasized the same benefits in his comments, pointing out how the use of propane allows Greengear products to reduce not only operational costs but also emissions.

The experts who attended the workshop were immediately impressed with the distinctive features of Greengear products. Cavagna Vietnam is planning on organizing other events like this in the coming months, starting in Ho Chi Minh City. These new events will be a great opportunity to see not only how much Greengear’s sales network has grown, but also to further develop strategic issues that were covered during the August workshop such as after-sales support and the training of technical personnel.