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July 5, 2017
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July 12, 2017
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If a lot of small people, in a lot of small places, do a lot of small things, they can change the face of the world

“If a lot of small people, in a lot of small places, do a lot of small things, they can change the face of the world”. This is an African saying found on the Berlin Wall that perfectly sums up the concepts presented in the article of the German magazine “Flüssiggas” 3|2017 in which are presented the choices carried out by Greengear to create a more ecological world and a brighter future.

A lot has been said in the article about the increasing problem of the particulate matter, the pollution and the global increase of CO2 concentration, mainly due to the use of the fossil fuel. The air quality and the health of the living creature are increasingly under threat as the oxygen production is falling off: men without oxygen can survive just a few minutes.

In the last few years attempts have been made to deal this problem by creating new green areas in the cities like public parks and vegetable gardens. This has help the improving air quality and it has increased the oxygen production, there is, however, one snag: the green areas maintenance.

That’s to say the gardening, during which are used lawn mowers and brush cutters petrol-fueled, that is damaging to the environment and it pollute, like we talked about.

Many studies have shown that LPG could be a good alternative to the fossil fuel, for this reason Greengear Global suggested using LPG instead of petrol engines. Small LPG fueled engines have been applied to lawn mowers, zero turn mowers, log splitters and shredders to reduce damaging emissions and to preserve the air quality.

LPG has lots of benefits: is eco-friendly, damaging emissions are reduced, is non-toxic to ground water and soil, is cheap, it gives full performances, it reduces engine noises, it increases the engine life and it requires less maintenance than traditional petrol engines.

Whom you will be interested, we attach the scan of the original article in German from the magazine “Flüssiggas” 3|2017.