It’s important to maintain your generator! Here’s how…
May 18, 2017
If a lot of small people, in a lot of small places, do a lot of small things, they can change the face of the world
July 7, 2017

During 2016 AEGPL, Greengear and Antargaz have promoted an original project using the Greengear’s LGP generators.

They established the most popular, well known and familiar food truck in Brussels that was used to service the entire area around the European Parliament. When the food truck has been chosen, Greengear offered to it his LGP Generator: in this way the food truck can lean on completely on LGP power generation and for cooking his delicious burgers.

Now this food truck stays in the EU Quarter twice a week. For this reason, AEGPL developed some posters and booklets with a slogan that underlines the environmental benefits and advantages of LPG, so while the costumers are waiting for their burgers, they could learn something more about LGP.