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July 7, 2017
BE PREPARED For a Disaster.
September 19, 2017

Our distributor in the Philippines and Indonesia – VOLT Supply & Solutions, have come up with a brilliant and innovative project to help aid in disaster relief areas – which are rife in Asia.

Introducing – LIFEBOX. By providing all the essentials needed in a disaster situation powered by LPG – the reliability and easy storage of the fuel, LPG is perfect for this project.

The modular and customizable container will be powered by 2 x 50kg cylinders, designed to ‘plug and play’ will include:

  • POWER – Greengear LPG powered Generator – providing essential electricity
  • COOKING – Refrigerator and gas stove
  • WATER – Greengear LPG powered Water Pump – can remove unwanted water from the affected area and provide much needed extra water
  • HEATING – Space heater
  • STORAGE – Medicine / Food / Clothing / Water etc.

LIFEBOX powered by Greengear can be adapted to many different scenarios and can make LPG a necessity rather than a luxury.

We are proud to be behind this initiative.