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In the wake of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, it’s important to understand what necessities you may need in a disaster situation. Natural disasters are increasingly common and supplies become sparse during times of need.

LPG/Propane is increasingly popular during times of need, due to its portability, storability and availability. This is why a Greengear LPG powered generator is ideal for those ‘not so ideal’ situations. Even if you have not had a storm near you, it will give you peace of mind because you will know that you and your family are going to have access to necessities. You may also have a LPG cylinder in your home already for your barbeque that can be used on Greengear equipment. No need to queue up at the petrol station for dangerous refilling of jerry cans of petrol with LPG – the cylinder can be easily obtainable around the world and stored for longer periods of time.

Preparing for a disaster means stocking up on supplies that you can use when it hits. If you have a backup generator, the panic of stocking up on necessities becomes less worrisome. Best of all, a portable generator that will work during a hurricane is also able to go other places with you!

Old petrol/gasoline can cause problems in a generator that has been left idle for a while (only used for emergency situations) so LPG can provide an uninterrupted source of fuel – it doesn’t ‘go off’ and can be easily stored unlike diesel or gasoline. And without causing problems to the engine.

Water Pumps can also be useful during disaster relief – to be able to empty flooded basements and areas. Again, the same cylinder that you use for the generator or for your BBQ that you may already own can be used on all of the same equipment. Making convenience the priority and fuel worries that last thing on your mind.

Pressure washers can help with the clean up alongside water pumps after an emergency disaster. Again, same cylinder – different applications.


Here are some useful tips to stay safe whilst using any LPG cylinder, equipment or generator before, during or after a disaster scenario:

  • Always ensure you read the manual fully and follow all instructions carefully
  • Never use a generator indoors
  • Any gas equipment that has been submerged or otherwise exposed to any environmental effects must be promptly removed, scrapped or replaced
  • Call your gas company immediately if you suspect any of the above
  • If you smell gas, evacuate immediately
  • Extinguish all flames and do not operate lights, light switches, appliances, telephones or cell phones
  • Schedule a time for a qualified service technician to perform a complete inspection of your propane system

See safety announcement from PERC President and CEO Tucker Perkins here for more tips on how to stay safe during and after a disaster situation:

So keep in mind that disaster can strike at any time and it is better to be prepared. Contact us today for more information on which products could be most useful for you and your family and how to stay safe using LPG.