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There are hundreds of different models of lawn mowers without even considering all the brands available. One can choose from something as simple as a push mower without a motor to a top of the line zero-turn mower. Today, there are mowers that run on solar power, electricity, lpg/propane alongside traditional fuel. Propane is the same as LPG, acronym for (Liquefied Petroleum Gas).

If you have narrowed your choice to an LPG / Propane mower or if you are trying to decide if it is the right choice for you, read on!

LPG equipment and conversion technologies have been around a long time, and has always been a cleaner alternative to gasoline fuel. 

Greengear has elevated the standard of excellence in LPG conversion technology due to the patented ENERKIT technology:

Enerkit is a unique compact carburetor, enabling all engines to easily use propane/LPG with top-notch performance. ENERKIT provides the smartest alternative fuel solution, designed according to the highest standards. Compared to other LPG equipment, ours is designed specifically as a propane/LPG engine providing many benefits compared to converted equipment.

  • more efficient with less maintenance over the life of the mower
  • equivalent performance compared to traditional mowers
  • neat and easy, click on cartridges make refueling a snap
  • significant fuel savings compared to gasoline.

There are three basic questions when choosing a lawn mower

How large is your lawn? How even is the terrain? How much mowing precision is needed?

small lawn will need a mower that is light and agile with a narrow cutting width for maximum maneuverability in small spaces. A push model with the narrowest available blade is the best choice. Many think that a self-propelled mower is more manageable but for small surfaces with frequent turning, it is easier to be in total control of the mower while achieving precise results.

The  LM-B16 Model  offers 10 cutting adjustments and the maneuverability you’ll need for perfectly manicured results. A 50 liter/16 gallon grass bag makes for neat cutting and easy disposal of grass cuttings.


medium sized lawn will need some extra power and a self-propelled mower provides the assisted push that will get the job done quickly. Depending on the number of obstacles on the lawn, there are mowers with cutting widths of 18 or 20 inches. Greengear offers three models for this lawn size:

LM-B18 : an 18 inch cutting width and specially designed wheels let you cut and maneuver with precision even on uneven terrain.

LM-P18: the narrower 18 inch cutting width and design makes this the ideal model for professional, manicured results.

LM-P20 : when you need maximum flexibility, this mower offers full optionals, including mulching. The 20” cutting width will reduce cutting time.

All three models provide professional, top-notch results, and again, are all self-propelled.


For a medium to large lawn, prefer a riding mower or a  self-propelled mower  with the maximum cutting width. Zero turn mowers while generally more expensive, can save a significant amount of time because they are constantly in action and quickly cut close around bushes, gardens, eliminating the need for edging equipment. All Greengear zero-turn mowers will handle slopes up to a 15° angle. If your lawn is hilly, a larger self-propelled mower is the best choice.

LM-P22: This is our top of the line self-propelled mower with the maximum cutting width of 22”. It features bagging, mulching and optional side-discharge. The high wheels will handle even the most uneven terrain.

AWYZ462OBS: This zero-turn riding mower provides maximum efficiency and exceptional maneuverability. It will nearly eliminate the need for a trimmer due to its precise cutting system and it can be equipped with a mulching kit.


Greengear also has zero-turn mowers for professional use. Check out the  for more details.

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