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January 22, 2016
March 30, 2016

Right now some of the most exciting food is being served out of trailers, carts and vintage vans. People enjoy street food for a number of reasons: for a quick, inexpensive bite on the run, to sample flavourful local or exotic food in a social setting, to experience new ethnic cuisines, and to support entrepreneurs, small food businesses and local vendors. While the modern food truck movement began in the US, the trend is now beginning to appear globally, from ancient Greece to Pompeii, fro m China to Turkey, street food has a long and colourful history. Today, it has become an urban trend here to stay in large cities and small towns, and continues to evolve and tempt the passers-by on streets around the world:

In the UK the mobile catering industry offers a range of businesses/events within London daily and features heavily in other major UK cities including street food festivals. In Germany, food trucks are seen regularly in Leipzig, Munich airport and at infamous Christmas markets. In Japan, street vendors are a long-established feature in towns and cities, offering traditional food such as baked sweet potatoes, ramen, oden and noodles. The list is endless for customers to get an authentic and cost friendly solution to great dining.


In the USA alone, 2015 Food truck industry statistics show a worth of $1.2 Billion!

Greengear have identified the need for generators in the food truck/catering industry across the world. We feel that our Greengear generators can significantly help owners of these businesses reduce costs, emissions and hassle!

We have had a testimonial from a Food Truck in Great Yarmouth UK, the family run business state that they have cut their costs by half and no longer have to go to get gasoline twice per day. They use one fuel source for their snack van and no longer get the messy spills and headaches that came with using gasoline and diesel. We’re so pleased that we could help, along with being powered by Calor Gas, this small business become more efficient!

FOOD TRUCK Video Still

Greengear generators range from 1kW to 7kW and we can offer the perfect solution for your catering business. As the street food industry becomes increasingly trendy around the world, LPG can help these events breath cleaner whilst still providing the same power as gasoline equivalent generators.

In summary for the catering industry Greengear can offer the following benefits compared to diesel and petrol:

  • Less messy spills and headaches from fuel
  • Convenience of using one fuel source
  • No unpleasant smells
  • No engine surging like petrol generators
  • Less servicing
  • No chance of damaging grass with petrol/diesel (at certain events this is a big issue!)
  • Reduced noise (also an issue at events!)
  • Reduction in costs (up to half in some cases)
  • CO2 Emissions reductions up to 50% and reduction in other harmful particulates. Especially noticeable when being around these harmful emissions for at least 8 hours per day!

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