LPG / Propane Lawn Mower LM-P22

LPG / Propane Lawn Mower LM-P22

The Greengear LM-P22 LPG Self-Propelled Lawn Mower will provide you with professional results. This Lawn Mower features a high-wheel mower and offers bagging, mulching and side discharge capabilities for flexible performance in all mowing conditions.

Cutting Height Adjustment Handle

Allows for precision cutting with up to 10 adjustments, easily adjustable based on grass type and area shape. Mowing at the correct height can reduce weed issues, support a healthy grass root system and increase drought resistance.

Cylinder Bracket

If you prefer to use an LPG cylinder, Greengear offer as an accessory, an optional bracket for each model of the lawnmower. This is able to accommodate different types of LPG cylinders, allowing for more commercial use.


Steel Deck

The deck of the lawnmower is made from steel, allowing more durability and robustness than other materials.

Quick-Release Handle

Easy fastening and release of the handlebar retainers. 

Mulching Kit

A Mulching kit cuts and re-cuts the grass clippings into tiny particles recycling them back onto the lawn – feeding the soil. Mulching kit comes as standard for select Greengear models, giving the option to mulch or to use the grass bag.

Foldable Handlebar

When it is time to stow or transport the mower, the foldable handlebars make this is a simple and easy task. Allowing the mower to become much more compact for storage spaces. 

Additional Information


GG2LM – 4 stroke


173 cc

LPG / Propane Technology

Enerkit Basic

Drive Type

Self Propelled

Rated Speed

2800 rpm

Cutting Width

560 mm / 22”

Cutting Height

30-75 mm, 7 adjustments (Central)

Grass Bag Capacity

70 L / 18.50 gal.





Wheel [Front / Rear]

8” / 11”


127 cm x 70 cm x 65 cm / 50” x 30” x 26”

Net Weight

42 kg / 92.6 lbs