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Calor, Greengear and Street Food Live – The perfect recipe!

Calor, Greengear and Street Food Live!

This September, Calor Gas GB attended the Street Food Live Expo at the ExCel centre in London. The show was a first for Calor and their main focus was distribution of the generators for start-up businesses looking for a new venture in the Street food industry. Innovation is a big area of focus for Calor, and they are really excited about our new range of LPG Greengear generators which have been a big hit in the catering industry. Producing less pollutants than petrol alternatives, they can also offer cost efficiencies to many mobile caterers.

The event was free to attend and all of the seminars and features were free too. By definition this event was attended by forward thinking progressive street food business owners and restaurateurs who are looking to grow their business.

With obvious benefits of using Calor Gas LPG with Greengear generators:

  • Cost savings compared to petrol and diesel
  • Less engine maintenance due to the clean burning nature of LPG
  • Up to 50% less CO2 emissions and reducation in NoX, SoX and particulates
  • No smelly fumes or chance of spillage
  • A great marketing channel for cleaner businesses who want clean and great smelling cuisine
  • Use the same cylinder to power all appliances instead of using 2 or 3 different fuels and so easy to connect and change cylinders with a Cavagna Group regulator
  • Easy to have delivered by Calor Gas directly to your door or easily available to pick up around the UK – With more than 10,000 gas stockists, Calor can ensure your business enjoys a continuous supply of gas delivered straight to your door

Calor’s strapline for the show: With lower fuel costs, simple refuelling and a compact and lightweight design, Calor’s LPG generators are ideal for busy catering businesses needing a reliable, portable power supply.

With their previous case study, father and son snack van business, ‘Come Dine with Me’ recently switched to the new LPG generators fuelled by Calor gas to provide power for their snack vans, replacing their previous diesel and petrol models. Here’s why. Like other snack van businesses, the Dean’s rely completely on their generator. Without it, they can’t operate, as any loss of electric power would mean they would have to close the snack van down until power can be restored, making the choice of fuel absolutely crucial to the running of their vans. Dean Gray Junior had previously used petrol on his snack van, and was having to refill twice a day, including taking regular trips to the local petrol station, Meanwhile, Dean Gray Senior, who used diesel to fuel his van, was having to wait for the generator to cool down before refilling.  Since switching to the Greengear LPG generators, it’s just a case of changing the empty gas bottle for a full one.

Dean Gray Senior says:“It’s so much easier, we haven’t got to mess about going to fetch diesel or petrol, now we’ve just got a gas bottle, which is delivered directly to our door.  “The diesel generators were very dirty and smelly and you’d get fuel all over your hands when refuelling. Whereas with the Greengear generator there is no smell and it’s much cleaner and more efficient than other fuel sources.”

Dean Gray Junior adds: “We’ve been relying on Calor gas for years to operate our hot plates and water boiler, but we can now run our lights, fridges and microwaves on it, so we only have one fuel source.  “When we do events, we don’t have to take any fuel, which is great because most event organisers don’t like to have it on site. They don’t like loud generators either – LPG is so much quieter, and is the cleanest fuel source for us.” “Since switching to a Greengear LPG generator and only using one fuel source, I’ve halved the cost and we have a two-year warranty with Calor, which gives us added piece of mind.”

Find the video here!:

Teresa Wafer, Product Manager and Toby Bruce, Channel Marketing Manager, also had a speaking slot on the 2nd day of the exhibition ‘LPG: A Cleaner Way to Power Your Business’. The enthusiastic Calor team focussed on safety and regulations that could be relevant to the audience attending the show, they also had the chance to show how Greengear generators also comply with all safety regulations and can be the ideal application for any new business whilst highlighting that Calor is the perfect fuel for the job.



Calor have also had a long term relationship with the Nationwide Caterers Association (NCASS) which is the UK`s only trade association dedicated to supporting mobile caterers and street food vendors. Their mission is to provide traders with all the information, systems, equipment and support they need to trade profitably, safely and legally. From start-ups to fully-fledged mobile ventures, NCASS offer legal and financial support, hygiene training, due diligence materials, work opportunities and insurance (as well as a heap of other useful stuff), to help caterers at any stage of their business venture. Currently looking after over 3,700 UK catering businesses (and counting), NCASS continues to grow year on year as a result of the invaluable support which they offer to their members and to the catering industry as a whole.

The Calor booth was right next door to the NCASS stand, which was ideal for sharing business and referrals to both sides of the industry.

For more information regarding their membership packages – offering unparalleled value and support to mobile caterers, head to their website or call their lovely team for a friendly chat on 0121 603 2524 or visit

Keep an eye on NCASS for some great upcoming offers with Calor Gas for members.


Feedback from the show

With Calor’s range of Greengear generators on offer: 2 kw / 3kW /5kW and 7kW available the attractive show offer was an immediate hit – with Calor showing innovative generators, new start-up businesses found it an instant attraction as something essential for their mobile catering business. At the show, new businesses could sign up with NCASS, get their generator, and get their equipment and even their van! Everything in one easy setting.

With the vendors already being familiar with Calor Gas cylinders, they noticed instantly that they could use the same cylinder they already have conveniently delivered to power their whole truck! No more messy refills and running back and forth to the petrol station and then waiting for the engine to cool down before refuelling. Delivered direct to where you are by Calor and off you go!

We also had some existing customers visit us and even recommending the generators to existing customers around the stand. Mr Daniel Roberts, the CEO of Barbacoa Barbeque in venues around London, gave us a great interview about his Greengear 7kW generator.

He has had his generator since October 2016 and it hasn’t let him down, he uses it daily sometimes for up to 15 hours per day to perfect their slow cooking techniques.

Daniel explained that he is highly respected by other vendors at certain events where they do not allow gasoline or diesel on site, he shows up with his LPG generator and creates envious competition!

Watch it here:

If you’re in the London area, go and try some delicious Carribean bbq cooked with our Greengear generator and a clean fuel (LPG), you can find them here:

We hope that everyone is happy with their purchases from the show and we wish all those new and existing street food businesses the best of luck with their venture! We can’t wait to try all of them!


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