‘Catering’ to the Generator Market
February 3, 2016
Calor Ireland and Greengear helps the local Irish community!
March 30, 2016

The sun is starting to show already and we all know what that means… festival season! But how can Greengear benefit festivals? Well here we can explain how Greengear equipment can be used for festival business goers with environmental and economical reasoning. Whether street food or music festival, we have the right solution for you…

Key issues:

  • The UK events sector used in the region of 12 million litres of diesel in 2011.
  • Power is generally one of the five largest single production costs for a festival
  • Initial research suggests that inefficient generator use is common at events in the UK
  • Power can represent up to 70% of an event’s ‘core’ carbon footprint (core excludes audience travel and transport).
  • Fuel costs are rapidly rising, and the energy market is forecast as increasingly volatile.
  • The festival sector has a unique opportunity to contribute to carbon reduction, showcase new technologies and engage with audiences

It may sound strange but ‘luxury mobile toilets’ are becoming a must these days and if you spend a few days at a festival these could be extremely handy! Some of these ‘posh toilets’ now have showers which require warm water and lighting run by generators and Greengear offers uninterrupted economical power for such items.

Greengear also produce outdoor heating systems and BBQs which also benefit from the use of LPG.

The guardian recently published an article called ‘Festivals like Glastonbury and Leeds need to curb their carbon emissions’. So the government are starting to take notice of these events with increasing complaints from neighbours and farmers (as these events take place in fields nearby). The amount of waste and emissions can have serious harm on surrounding businesses and the environment.

Our Solutions:

  • LPG can emit up to 50% less CO2 than petrol equivalent in generators. Also virtually no particulates emissions and less NOX and SOX.
  • Less noise pollution
  • Cleaner and Tidier for the surrounding areas: no filling from dirty fuel cans and changing cylinders is quick and easy.
  • Significant fuel savings compared to petrol and diesel
  • Increased engine life – LPG burns cleaner so less strain on the engine – making it last longer.

If you have a business at a festival a Greengear generator could help your carbon footprint and your pocket! With LPG up to 40% cheaper than petrol in the UK, you could run your food truck, sound system or toilet system etc for a fraction of the cost with the same power output.

Contact Greengear today to see how we can benefit your business or festival near you!