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LPG / Propane Power Generator GE-6000T
February 5, 2020
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September 9, 2020
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LPG / Propane Power Generator GE-7000T

The Greengear GE-7000T (Three Phase) LPG Power Generator can be assembled very quickly and is easy to operate with a simplified power control center. This 7 kW generator provides a portable solution for those who require Three Phase power instead of single phase.
Other items included are never-flat tires, handles for easy manoeuvring and a tool kit. Use it for emergencies, job sites and off the grid locations where you need three phase electricity.

Electric Start

Generators are equipped with an electric key start ignition, eliminating the difficulty of manual ignitions.


The installed on-board battery provides rapid electric ignition and can be easily recharged by connecting it to the appropriate poles on the Generator.



Equipped with a steel frame which ensures long life and durability even in the harshest operating conditions. 

Multifunction Display

The multifunction display screen allows you to verify the generator’s working functions at all times. Using the button, you can switch between checking the Voltage, Frequency and Hours of use.


Each Generator is equipped with a unique LPG dedicated ENERKIT carburettor, allowing optimum performance. ENERKIT has an automatic safety shut off valve, stopping the fuel supply when the engine is off.  


In models 5kW and above, handle kit comes as standard. Thanks to the simple interlocking system, allowing it to be folded away when not necessary. The Wheel and Handle kit also allows for easy transportation and maneuverability. 


In models 5kW and above, wheel kit comes as standard. The ‘Never flat’ tires eliminate the problems of deflation and facilitate the position of the generators. The Wheel and Handle kit also allows for easy transportation and maneuverability.

Gas Connection

Connecting the gas cylinder is easy, thanks to the dedicated connector located at the rear of the generator.

Recoil Start

If the battery is recharging, recoil start is available as a backup source to start the generator. 

Circuit Breaker

Thanks to the circuit breaker switch, that when activated – protects the generator against power overloads. 

Before downloading the Manual, please read the Disclaimer here:
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GG6GN – 4 stroke



LPG / Propane Technology

Enerkit Basic

Start Mode

Electric Start

Rated Voltage

230 V / 400 V

Rated Frequency

50 Hz

Rated Output

7.0 kW

Max Output

7.5 kW

3 Phase Rated AC Voltage



70 cm x 56 cm x 50 cm / 27.5” x 22.0” x 23.2”

Net Weight

96 kg / 211 lbs


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