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October 27, 2014
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October 27, 2014
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LPG / Propane Minitransporter AMTI-4.0C

The AMTI-4.0C LPG can help workers thanks to its engine that transports heavy loads, the platform has non-slip strips and front eye bolts to secure the cargo for ease of handling and loading.

Hydraulic Tipping

The hydraulic tipping feature of the Transporters allows for easy emptying of the contents of the bucket without strain.


A convenient handle that allows easy operation of the Transporter in even the most difficult terrain and confined spaces.

Resistant Bucket

Equipped with a sturdy frame with steel thick bucket, which limits vibration and noise.

Large Crawler Tracks

Crawler tracks allow for a perfect front / rear balance which ensures the load distribution and exact adherence to the ground.


Each Transporter is equipped with a unique LPG dedicated ENERKIT carburettor, allowing optimum performance. ENERKIT has an automatic safety shut off valve, stopping the fuel supply when the engine is off. 


AMG 210 – 4 stroke


208 cc


5 kW

LPG / Propane Technology

Enerkit Basic





Max Speed

< 3.2 Km/h

Max Loading (plane)

420 Kg / 935 lbs


110 cm x 57 cm x 95 cm / 43.3" x 22.4" x 37.4"

Net Weight

203 Kg / 448 lbs


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