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September 29, 2015
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September 1, 2016
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LPG / Propane Shredder Crunch

The Crunch LPG Shredder with a 4-stroke engine powered by LPG / Propane.

This LPG Shredder has a cutting diameter of 70 mm.

Adjustable Expulsion Chute

This can be adjusted to 3 different positions according to the need/preference.

Supporting Feet with Pivoting Drawbar and Towing Eye

This support increases the stability and can be adjusted for transportation.


All models come equipped with a dedicated LPG ENERKIT carburettor allowing the shredders to reach optimum performance.

Engine Model

AMG 210


208 cc


5 KW

LPG / Propane Technology

Enerkit Basic

Chipping Diameter

6 mc / hr

Cutting Diameter

70 mm / 2.8"

Cut System

2 Blades with 6 knives


80 cm x 60 cm x 116 cm / 27.5” x 22.0” x 23.2"

Net Weight

70 kg / 154 lbs


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