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March 30, 2016
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May 19, 2016

Our water pumps are very innovative – you may not realise the great benefits that come with a pump being powered by LPG. During times of prolonged warm weather with little rainfall that dissolves oxygen within the water, it can decrease at rapid pace and could (in the worst case scenario) completely deoxygenate. This could cost a UK fishery thousands of pounds in just a matter of hours and put the business back years in order to replenish fish stocks to similar levels.

Fisheries are generally rural based business, so most sites are only served by limited electricity and in order to run mains electric to many lakes would cost extortionate amounts of money that most businesses are not prepared to pay. Especially when there is an easy alternative…


Greengear offer 4 different models of Water Pump:

  • WP-2 This is our 2 inch water pump, the smallest of the models. Perfect for draining pools, hot tubs or garden ponds. It has a 30m life and 25mᶟ flow
  • WP-3. The Greengear 3 inch inlet/outlet is slightly bigger than the WP-2 with an increased flow of 42mᶟ
  • WP-4. The biggest of the pump is the 4 inch and has an increased flow of 70mᶟ. Great for draining/pumping a larger area.
  • WP-3S – This is our Sewage pump and is able to pass larger solids from less than an inch to 2 inches and are mostly used for commercial and agricultural use. Used mainly for irrigation to drain small flooded areas like a basement or on construction sites to drain areas before work can commence.

Greengear-LPG-Propane-Water-Pump-WP-3S Greengear-LPG-Propane-Water-Pump-WP-4

So now we know the different options, what benefits can an LPG Water Pump offer?

Cost savings

  • In comparison to petrol and diesel, LPG/propane, in most cases is up to 40% cheaper. Making a clear financial benefit for businesses. Reduced fuel consumption with up to a 40% cost saving with no reduction in performance.
  • Lower maintenance costs. Servicing periods occur less frequently due to the clean burning nature of LPG and will therefore require servicing less often than units using petrol or diesel. LPG increases the lifespan of the engine and its parts.


The water pump 2 and 3 weigh 24 and 27kg’s so is easily transportable via a 1 man lift. Additionally the cylinders are transported and rolled in to position creating no additional manual handling issues.


Environmental benefits

  • Using an LPG water pump has a wide range of benefits when compared to petrol or diesel powered pumps. The environmental impact of any product/service is considered daily from weed control to bio security and the need to segregate water ingress between the lakes and to a lesser extent bait and fishing weights being placed in to the lakes by anglers.
  • LPG is the cleanest burning fossil fuel and will provide lower emissions to that of its petrochemical counterparts. For most fisheries, who rely on nature to sculpt the surroundings of the lakes, this is seen as a major benefit whilst also raising the company’s green credentials.



  • Quick and safe refuelling.
  • No spillages. As propane/LPG is stored in cylinders under pressure, there is no chance of a fuel spillage whilst refuelling. Petrol and Diesel spillages (similarly to heating oil) can have a devastating effect on the environment, can contaminate the water course which could lead (in exceptional circumstances) to a complete loss of all fish stocks and the removal of contaminated land under the transfer of controlled waste regulations, a very costly spill indeed. This is a real benefit to LPG powered water pumps.



  • Reduced noise pollution from just 68 dB. LPG powered equipment is quieter than its petrol/diesel counterparts. When running a business this can be a great advantage and many fisheries are near homes (most likely your own home!) so can be beneficial to the neighbours.

Calor GB have been supplying Greengear water pumps around the UK to fisheries in preparation for the Greengear launch this Spring and Gavin Hewitt Energy Centre Manager for Calor quoted:

“The Greengear water pumps have a multitude of uses within the fishery and fisheries management industry. From draining down lakes prior to fish grading or netting to aeration in times of low Dissolved Oxygen levels and ice prevention during the winter months, these pumps will do just about everything a fishery needs. The additional environmental benefits are also key to any rural business due to the extended running times, low emissions, safe and convenient refuelling i.e. no spillages near the water table and of course the low noise levels when compared to their petrochemical equivalents”.


Think you could benefit from a water pump? Contact us for global enquiries, Calor GB (for GB enquiries) or Calor Ireland for more information!

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