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November 29, 2016
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May 18, 2017

Energy for food trucks: propane is better!

Greengear’s propane-powered generator is the perfect ally for street food vendors who want to optimize energy consumption while promoting a “green” image for their business.

Street food is currently going through a very significant period of growth all over the world; it is becoming more and more common, and it is constantly evolving. The concept behind street food is that cooking and good food can go hand in hand with openly friendly relationships between people and the environment. And this idea can be extended to the vehicles, accessories and the actual cooking techniques that are used in this sector. Indeed, the keys to success in the street food business are simplicity, sharing and practicality, without ever sacrificing quality. Whether the menu offers Mediterranean food or Asian food, customers are served immediately and with no frills – a friendly relationship is established with the vendor, and authentic products are preferred. It is a new lifestyle that matches perfectly with the solutions provided by Greengear.

To that end, Greengear offers innovative solutions that are able bring the advantages of LPG to various types of outdoor equipment, from lawn mowers and pressure washers to what really appeals to street food vendors: electricity production. It comes as no surprise, then, that the Greengear generator was quickly met with much interest on the part of street food business owners. Whether they are working at fairs, markets or street demonstrations, more and more vendors have been won over by Greengear’s propane-powered generators thanks to their cleanliness, environmental sustainability, low energy consumption and low noise level. What’s more, these machines are extremely easy to use: all you have you to do is connect a propane tank to the engine.Bites The benefits of propane are truly significant when compared to diesel or gasoline: a drastic reduction in fumes and odours, and no need to top up or get your hands dirty with foul-smelling fuel in an area where food is served. And thanks to the use of propane in certified containers, it is safer as well. That is why Greengear is becoming a true ally for anyone whose food truck is not only a source of income, but often a way of life.


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Not just food! Thanks to Greengear’s innovative solutions, LPG has found new applications

More and more people are using Greengear’s generator for outdoor activities, including street vendors, buskers and street artists, antique markets, pits and paddocks for racing events, and in general all those events that are not connected to the grid and thus need an independent form of electricity that is clean, convenient and cost-effective. Thanks to its range of products, Greengear has paved the way for new solutions in the development of LPG applications, which also means new possibilities for environmental sustainability in various fields. This includes gardening, landscaping and many other outdoor necessities in both the professional and recreational spheres.

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Some of the main applications for Greengear’s  propane-powered generator:

– Building and construction
– Renters of construction equipment and do-it-yourself equipment
– Management of facilities for events, recreational activities that are open to the public, and catering
– First response and civil protection teams
… and Greengear’s propane-powered water pump:
– Aeration of fish farming tanks
– Draining of pools, ponds and tanks
– Crop and livestock farming
– Construction companies
– Fire department and civil protection teams
– Local municipalities and teams in charge of street cleaning and environmental services
– Landscaping and gardening businesses


Food trucks have really taken off in Thailand, and Greengear is there!

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Street food is one of the most characteristic aspects of Southeast Asian society, the continuation of a tradition that dates back millennia. It is increasingly becoming the preferred way of dining for both locals and tourists, and small businesses in this sector are popping up as far as the eye can see. Look no further than the interest shown in Greengear’s products during two recent events in Thailand: ASEAN SUSTAINABLE ENERGY WEEK, held in Bangkok from June 1st to 4th, and ITALIAN WEEK, organized by the Italian embassy again during the first week of June, and again in Bangkok. Both events reaffirmed the Thai government’s increasing focus on reducing emissions through a program that supports renewable energy sources. LPG is one of the “green” solutions that is already available and widely used in Thailand. It is especially worth noting the positive reception our Greengear products received from the public during Italian Week at our stand at Central World, Bangkok’s biggest shopping center, where we were also visited by Francesco Saverio Nisio, the Italian ambassador to Thailand. The Cavagna Group is reaping the benefits of this positive feedback, thanks in part to the fact that it has a production unit in Thailand.

A company dedicated to the development of Greengear

In order to develop the global market potential of Greengear’s products, Greengear Global Srl was founded in 2016. Headquartered in Brescia, the company is dedicated exclusively to the definition, organization and management of specific sales strategies and marketing plans for the Greengear brand. This choice highlights the Cavagna Group’s high expectations for new LPG applications. Greengear Global Srl recently opened a spacious store located at its headquarters.